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Check Programs

Are you looking to accept checks, but don’t want to assume the high risks that go along?

Check Processing

Advantage Bankcard Services offers our merchants the ability to set up a check processing account which allows them to authorize a check within seconds without the need for specialized equipment.

Electronic Check Processing (ECP) is an electronic payment process designed to accommodate the payment requirements
of various consumer and corporate customers.  With an ECP service, consumers who prefer to pay by check can order and pay for goods and services conveniently via the telephone, internet and other interactive
media—without creating more work for the merchant.

The ECP method of payment is fast and efficient; by utilizing the U.S.ACH network and directly debits the consumer’s bank
accounts electronically—no paper to handle, no redundant processes, no hassle benefits for you:

Increase market share – Since an estimated 40% of
all consumers do not have a credit card, offering ECP as
a method of payment offers an attractive alternative and
facilitates faster online sales.

Expanded payment options – ECP enables merchants to
offer more payment options to more customers; system changes
are minimal and ECP payments seamlessly integrate into your existing payment files

Greater consumer convenience – ECP allows consumers
the flexibility to select whichever payment method they
prefer credit card or check. And since telephone, Internet
and other interactive media orders can be fulfilled faster
than traditional check orders, consumers receive their
merchandise or the benefit of a service much faster, resulting
in greater customer satisfaction.

Reduced back-office burden – ECP streamlines the entire
remittance process by eliminating “paper” payments—that
means less back-office work and overhead for merchants.

Improved cash flow – ECP eliminates the time consuming
process of standard paper-based check clearing schedules.
Merchants get their funds faster, thereby improving their
overall cash flow.

To learn more about check programs, or any of the merchant services we offer, simply call 800-565-9111 ext.119 or click below and submit your request.

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