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Kiosk Credit Card Processing

"Gateway and Credit Card Processing Programs for Kiosk Site Owners"

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The scope of this specific market segment represents two(2) environments of processing and Advantage Bankcard Services is a leader in supporting both.  This merchant is either A) conducting business via a kiosk more commonly known in malls as carts, table tops or even walk-alongs or B) is selling internet access via a remote unattended computer in airports and hotels or as a business center in convention centers and hotels. 

Typically, these merchant types will use equipment that can support card present(swiped transactions) but may also submit the transactions via both wireless/internet links and hard land lines to internet gateways. 

For those with internet access needs, Advantage Bankcard Services works with a major national application provider to bring a bankcard program to the table that enables kiosk owners to obtain card present captured rates at the point of sale as opposed to transactions which  typically downgrade when they are submitted through an internet gateway. For mall environments, the same options exist along with standard terminal and wireless hardware options being the most popular.

Our gateway alliance partner, AuthorizeNet, has  pioneered this capability and in conjunction with our processing platform partners including VITAL, First Data, Elavon and Global Payments,  we are able to offer some aggressive rates on card processing that result in long term savings.

With this technology developed by Authorize Net, any Kiosk merchant using this service can have all their credit card transactions qualify at the lowest rates possible  in the credit card industry. Over time, this technology will save hundreds of dollars  in fee's for each kiosk owned.

The program suits owners of all sizes because it reduces the  complexity and expense normally associated with authorizing and processing credit card transactions. It's also much faster than standard dial-up authorization systems. Finally, those who employ the gateway model have access to excellent online reporting and fraud controls systems.

For details on how this credit card processing program can integrate with your kiosk business call Thomas Heidgerd at 800-565-9111 ext.119 or click below and submit your request.

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